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Outpatient Services Anxiety Therapy & Counseling

Outpatient Locations in Lancaster, Lebanon, York and Adams Counties

Looking for an Anxiety Therapist Near You?

Here's where to get help for anxiety

Therapy for anxiety is offered for adults, adolescents, and children on an outpatient basis at locations in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, and Adams counties.

Lancaster County

York County

Lebanon County

Adams County

You can also visit our Mental Health Tips for Coping With Stress & COVID-19 page for helpful tools and resources.

Anxiety Therapy for Adults and Children/Teens

At WellSpan Philhaven, we are here to help. By developing a care plan tailored to you, our anxiety therapists and counselors can chart a path toward hope, healing, and wholeness. Group therapy, psychotherapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are three options we can incorporate into your care plan. We will help you better understand your anxiety, providing you with approaches and strategies to help you deal with your stressors.

Call To Schedule an Appointment

The first step on the road to healing is to schedule a confidential, private appointment.

To schedule an appointment, please call Central Scheduling at 800-932-0359 (Mon-Thur: 7:00am-6:00pm and Friday: 7:00am-5:00pm).


Living With Anxiety

Anxiety can interfere with every part of your daily life. At WellSpan Philhaven, our mental healthcare professionals provide personalized anxiety counseling and will equip you with tools to manage your specific symptoms.

Anxiety disorders are a debilitating mental health issue that can leave you feeling isolated, helpless and alone. Social anxiety, panic attacks and depression can negatively affect your job performance, social interactions and relationships. You may be trying to manage it on your own, only to see the anxiety return and get worse over time.

You are not alone.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 18% (44 million) of the adult population in the United States will experience an anxiety disorder within the next year, with 22% of those cases being classified as “severe.”

The good news: there is a path that leads toward hope. Through outpatient behavioral care, you can get the help you need to manage panic attacks and anxiety issues.

About WellSpan Philhaven

For more than 65 years, Philhaven has been focused on promoting hope, healing and wholeness southcentral Pennsylvania. In January 2016, Philhaven and WellSpan Health came together to create a continuum of care to help friends and neighbors achieve better mental, emotional and physical health. As south central PA’s most comprehensive behavioral health organization, WellSpan Philhaven is here to treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Our Behavioral Health Services

In addition to our anxiety counseling and therapy, we offer a variety of outpatient services for adults. This includes Adult group therapymedication management, and evaluations for depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and other mental health concerns.