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Short-Term Residential Treatment Approaches

A WellSpan Philhaven masters’ level clinician will prepare an effective therapeutic treatment plan to help your child flourish and return to your family.

The short-term residential program employs Open Communication by collaborating with the child and family, interdisciplinary evaluation, and interagency collaboration to develop a dynamic, functional, biopsychosocial understanding of each resident and the problems that led to the need for intensive residential treatment to provide Trauma Informed Care. The program utilizes a broad range of therapies, activities, and programs to promote resident insight regarding the nature of important psychosocial events and behaviors and their effect upon past and current functioning to break the cycle of Re-enactment Triangles. The function and context of behavior and mood states are examined so that Residents can learn effective Emotional Management techniques; keeping themselves and others Safe and promoting a culture of Non-violence.

Growth and Change are evident by inviting and challenging Residents to develop goals and plans that reflect proactive, integrity-based consideration of opportunities for character growth, effective interpersonal living, and value-driven personal change. Residents are encouraged to identify, develop, and access intrapersonal and interpersonal resources in the context of identified treatment goals and objectives. This may include spiritual formation and faith development for residents who wish to pursue growth in this area. Each resident will be responsible for helping define their goals for treatment. By doing so, we are promoting the ideals of Shared Governance and fostering a sense of Future.

Social Learning and Emotional Intelligence call for the program to develop a culture of peer support and accountability to promote treating self and others with respect and dignity. Logical and natural rewards and consequences are also built into the program structure to promote Social Responsibility.

The program emphasizes comprehensive treatment that includes mental health, educational, family, community, recreational and spiritual aspects of each youth's life and family. The program believes treatment that addresses each of these domains will be essential for the ultimate success of residents with multiple, severe problems. Success is defined as a safe and effective transition to a less restrictive, community-based setting and/or family.