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Short-Term Residential Program Description

The goal of this program is to help children and adolescents who are experiencing challenges to set goals, develop skills and return home within four to six months.

The programs address the needs of youth with multiple severe problems in a non-inpatient setting with the opportunity for progressive increases of independence and freedom as treatment and personal growth continues.

We recognize the importance of addressing areas of skill and development for maturing adolescents. The program will address topics of physical and emotional development, health, sexuality, and relationships specific to this population. The program provides activities and education related to gender-specific needs.

We acknowledge that many program residents will likely exhibit behavioral and emotional symptoms compatible with Axis II diagnoses. The staff working in this program will be trained in the clinical presentation of these disorders and will also receive skill-based education related to maintaining a safe and healthy milieu.

We focus on accepting youth whose families live within 90 minutes from the program site in order to work closely with the client’s local community and county of origin. This helps foster a strong connection to the home community of residents and to relevant helping agencies so that a client can be well reintegrated into their home community when they are ready to do so.