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Short-Term Residential Educational Programming

During your child’s stay, he or she will be given an educational specialist who will work with the school district and develop a learning plan.

Our short-term residential programs provide for a highly integrated school program. Residents eligible for education in a public school will receive available educational support as needed through the school district and Intermediate Unit, as well as through an educational case management liaison team. The program’s strong and involved relationship with local school district and Intermediate Unit personnel provide many advantages to residents. Staff are also available on-call to provide as-needed consultation and therapeutic intervention for residents at school.

During the school year, residents will typically have a three- or four-week period of educational assessment and preparation at the program prior to permanent educational placement after admission. During this period of assessment and preparation, residents attend educational therapy with a state-certified educator, as well as Residential Day Programming (RDP). RDP operates with a progressive phase/stage model that focuses on the development of specific skills necessary to be successful in a community school environment. RDP is also used for residents suspended from school to promote successful reintegration into the community school setting after the suspension ends.