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Short-Term Residential Admissions Process

Parents and caregivers find WellSpan Philhaven’s Short-Term Residential Treatment Program a tremendous support when they did not know where to turn.

The short-term residential program is designed to admit males and females ages 12 to 17. The program serves children who require maximum care and treatment, 24-hour supervision, and support in an intensive, structured therapeutic milieu to treat their severe emotional and/or behavioral problems. Youths served will typically experience chronic distress and severe psychosocial dysfunction covering the full spectrum of child/adolescent psychiatric disorders. These youth cannot be safely and effectively treated by a home-based or community-based setting. To facilitate transition to the next and less-restrictive level of care, it is expected that parents/guardians, home school districts, and community agencies will actively participate in the residential treatment.

Typical Problems Presented

  • Severe behavioral dysfunction, such as fire setting, homicidal ideation, sexual acting out, aggression, assaultive and destructive behavior, severe defiance, and truancy.
  • Mood disturbance, including severe depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and self-harm ideation.
  • Impaired reality testing and psychosis.
  • Severe personality disorders.
  • Pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Prior to admission, the youth will be required to have an evaluation conducted by a psychiatrist in which admission to the program is recommended.

Prior to admission, an Interagency Meeting will be held to review problems, identify goals, and develop a preliminary discharge disposition. If residential treatment is recommended, then the lead agency for the residents' home county (MH/MR, CYS, or JPO) will pursue funding for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms do I need to complete for admission?

After your child has been accepted by the clinical team, you will be sent pre-admission information to complete. This information includes:

  • Medical questionnaire
  • Spiritual assessment
  • Insurance information

You will also be responsible to obtain immunization records, education records & any updated medical records.

What happens on admission day?

On admission day, please plan to stay for at least 3 hours.

The admission includes:

  • Reviewing all medical information by the nurse.
  • Completion of an Interdisciplinary evaluation by the access staff.
  • Meeting with the psychiatrist & clinical team.
  • Completion of releases and additional admission paperwork by the Admissions Coordinator.

You are welcome to spend time with your child after the admission process to help them unpack and become acclimated to the program.