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Outpatient Services Open Access

Walk-In Appointments for Adult Outpatient Services (Open Access)

Open Access is a way to be seen without a scheduled appointment and a way to begin outpatient services. These walk-in appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Open Access appointments do not include psychiatric appointments or medication appointments. Psychiatric evaluations and medication appointments, however, can be arranged for you at a later date.

Pre-registration prior to arriving for Open Access will shorten the intake time during your appointment. Pre-registration, or intake time, is necessary to enter your information into our computer system before services begin. You may call (800) 459-7497 if you wish to pre-register.

Bring your identification and insurance cards; and for children under age 14, bring joint custody papers, if applicable.

If you are in crisis, please contact your local county crisis intervention office or 911. 

Open Access appointments are available at these locations and times:

Lancaster - Prince Street
WellSpan Philhaven
812 N. Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Mon-Thur | 8am-3pm
Friday | 8am-12pm

Lancaster - Oregon Pike
2501 Oregon Pike
Suite 105
Lancaster, PA 17601

Mon-Thurs | 8am-3pm
Friday | 8am-12pm

WellSpan Philhaven
354 N. Reading Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

Tuesday | 1-3pm
Thursday | 10am-12pm

Mt. Gretna
WellSpan Philhaven
283 S. Butler Road
Mt. Gretna, PA 17064

Mon-Thur | 8am-3pm
Friday | 8am-12pm

Lebanon - Isabel Drive
964 Isabel Drive
Lebanon, PA 17042

Mon-Thurs | 8am-3pm
Friday | 8am-12pm