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Day Hospital / Intensive Outpatient Program Philosophy

Setting goals with you and your child will provide the best possible outcomes and enhance treatment and growth.

Program Goals

In our effort to deliver high quality services, we will strive to meet the following goals:

  • To treat clients and family with dignity and respect
  • To promote the active participation by the client, family, and other involved participants in the decision making process and identification of treatment choices
  • To recognize the uniqueness and individuality that all clients and family possess
  • To actively collaborate and communicate with all client and family stakeholders
  • To be aware of and sensitive to ethnic, cultural, and spiritual differences and needs
  • To promote positive growth and change in clients and families

We will utilize these goal areas to enhance the treatment and growth process. We believe that clients’ families and community supports should be involved in all levels of care. Our goal is to deliver services in the least restrictive, least intrusive, most efficient ways possible to meet the client and family’s needs.