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Day Hospital / Intensive Outpatient Admissions Process for Children

You are not alone. Many parents and caregivers have found Day Hospital to be successful therapeutic support during the day.

Children attending the Child and Adolescent Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Program must have a diagnosis of a mental health illness. Children must be able to fully comprehend the purpose of and to participate in the planning and implementation of the treatment plan. Transportation to the program may be provided by parents, family, public transportation, or by the Child amd Adolescent Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient program.

Exclusionary Criteria

The Child and Adolescent Day Hospital Program/Intensive Outpatient Program will attempt to meet the needs of any individual referred to the program. However, certain criteria will exclude a referral from admission into the program. The exclusionary criteria include:

  • Primary diagnosis of a substance abuse disorder or primary need for treatment is substance related
  • Physical or developmental disorders that would prevent the individual from participating and comprehending program activities
  • Physical aggression or behaviors that endanger the well-being of the child, other program participants or program staff