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Children’s Community Based Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) Services

Our team of knowledgeable mobile therapists deliver care to children and adolescents in the home, school and community.

General Services

The Behavioral Specialist provides knowledge of behavioral management so as to assist in the development and implementation of the child’s individualized treatment plan, which is tailored to meet targeted problems and goals.

The goal of Therapeutic Support Staff is to assist youth through therapeutic experiences in social skill building, symptom management, impulse control, assertiveness, problem-solving, self-esteem enhancement, and creative expression.

The role of the Mobile Therapist to observe and assess the needs of child in family, conduct individual/sibling/family therapy, provide informal support, promote development of adaptive skills and relationships, and coordinate the overall clinical direction of treatment.

To get started with IBHS, please call 717-279-2793.

Specialized Services

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) work with a child in the school environment when it is deemed medically necessary by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who prescribes the services. Intensive Behavioral Health Services may include the following staff:

The Behavior Specialist Consultant may:

  • Observe the child's behavior throughout the school day
  • Work with the child's teachers or counselors to develop and implement specific behavior management strategies
  • Consult with other team members about the child's progress with school related goals
  • Participate in the IEP or other school meetings at the parent's or school's request, provide input on observations and progress with treatment goals and current IBHS services provided
  • Conduct treatment team meetings at the child's school
  • Provide supervision for TSS staff including questions regarding ethical/professional behavior

The Mobile Therapist may:

  • Conduct therapy sessions with the child during the school day
  • Meet with teachers or counselors to discuss issues affecting the child at school
  • Participate in the child's IEP or other appropriate school meetings at the parent's or school's request
  • Observe the child for data collection
  • Consult with team member for school related goals

The Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) may:

  • Support the child to maintain appropriate behavior in the classroom/school and follow classroom/school rules and expectations
  • Redirect child's behavior that is not on task
  • Support the teacher in setting limits for inappropriate behaviors
  • Follow the treatment plan goals and objectives and help carry out any behavior plans developed by the Behavior Specialist Consultant
  • Attempt to prevent outbursts or physical aggression and intervene when necessary

Staff providing IBHS may NOT:

  • Replace or substitute for the teacher or educational aide
  • Replace supports that the school is required to implement to maintain the child in a setting
  • Be responsible for intervening with any child other than the identified client
  • Give recommendations or opinions regarding school placement, educational functioning or educational supports necessary for the child
  • Provide oral or written testimony in any court or legal process
  • Work outside of the school's disciplinary or professional policies
  • Divulge confidential information about the child or family or work with the school without written consent of the child (if 14 years old or older) or parent
  • Work beyond the hours prescribed by the psychologist
  • Administer medications
  • Provide transportation

Responsibilities of School Staff

  • Attend interagency meetings if a child receives IBHS in school
  • Child's teacher/aide and school take primary responsibility for the child following the school's individual policies and procedures
  • Child's teacher/aide must be present at all times when a child's TSS is present
  • Provide for all educational needs of child
  • Provide IBHS staff with the school rules and policies
  • Complete "Feedback Form" as requested