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Children’s Community Based Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) Admissions Process

Many parents and caregivers have found our program to be an important intervention in their child’s life.

Admission Criteria

Child has DSM-IV Axis I mental health diagnosis: child's level of functioning is moderately to severely impaired at home, school, and/or in community: child is at risk for deterioration in functioning with less intensive treatment/support: parent/guardian agrees to actively support child's treatment by participating as a member of the interagency and treatment team, communicating with staff on a regular basis as needed, and working collaboratively to arrange community program participation.

Medical Necessity Criteria for IBHS

  • Axis I or Axis II Diagnosis
  • Outpatient treatment is not sufficient
  • Risk of safety to self and others manageable in community
  • Child needs services in the community (includes home school and/or community)
  • Parents and child involved in treatment planning process and agreeable to community based treatment
  • Significant psychosocial stressors or medical condition increasing risk of declining functioning
  • Child being discharged from a higher level of care and needs community based treatment to sustain gains made 
  • Time limited medication monitoring is needed in the community

Your child or adolescent can be referred by your family, school, social service agency, mental health providers or other natural support.  Feel free to contact us for an initial evaluation and to complete the referral.

To get started with IBHS, please call 1-888-324-0064.