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After School Program Overview

The After School program helps young people improve functioning in the home, school and community by providing structured treatment during afternoon and evening hours.

Program Description

The goal of this program is to enable each youth to improve his functioning in the home, school and community by providing structured treatment services during the afternoon and evening hours. The program is also designed to prevent deterioration in functioning that may result in the need for more intensive or restrictive mental health services. The program will consist of a range of individualized, as well as, organized therapeutic, recreational, and socialization activities with the youth l and their families. These individualized and group therapeutic experiences are designed to assist youth in developing social and coping skills; to cultivate the youth's self expression/awareness/esteem; to strengthen impulse control and ability to manage stress; and to build problem-solving and coping skills. CASSP values provide the philosophical basis for this service.


The purpose of the After-School/Evening Program is to help youth improve their social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in the home, school and community settings by providing a routine of therapeutic activities during the afternoon to evening hours.


The After School/Evening program provides therapeutic activities such as: social skills activities, sharing and listening activities, partner time activities, therapeutic recreation, homework time, community field trips and family outreach. Services are provided to youth between the ages of 5-14, having behavioral or emotional problems. The programs operate Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 pm. The average length of treatment is 6 to 12 months. The programs operate a Tuesday/Thursday track and a Monday/Wednesday/Friday track. The Dauphin After School program hours are 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm an regularly scheduled days. Program hours may be modified during school and summer vacations/holidays

Who Provides The Services

The Philhaven After School/Evening programs are professionally staffed by a multi-disciplinary treatment team, which represents a broad spectrum at mental health disciplines including child psychiatry, clinical social work, psychiatric nursing, and mental health activities counseling.

Program Philosophy

Services provided in this program will be provided in accordance with an individualized treatment plan developed by an interagency team. An interagency team is comprised of the client, family, and actively involved MH/MR, behavioral health providers, agencies, and school personnel. Treatment plans will address the individual needs of each youth, as well relevant family treatment issues. The child’s treatment progress will be reviewed ' at least every other week by the team, and at least once per month by the clinical director and coordinator. (The team is comprised of the program staff.) Each individual enrolled in the program will have a medical record. The treatment plan, evaluation that prescribes treatment in the program, as well as an assessment of progress, in completion of the goals outlined in the treatment plan will be kept in the chart. Beginning with admission, the team will work with the interagency team to clarify strengths and needs to begin the process of aftercare planning.

Please call 1-888-324-0064 to inquire about the Therapeutic After School program.

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