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For Adults Supported Housing

Supported Housing is an innovative program designed to benefit persons who suffer from chronic mental illness while offering them flexibility and respect.

Supportive Housing Services

Clients served by Supportive Housing are able to live independently in the community while receiving the supportive assistance they need through regular in-home visits. Supportive Housing is a voluntary program funded by Lebanon County MH/ID/ES. Each client maintains an MH/ID/EI case manager while WellSpan Philhaven staff provide support and the needed training in daily living skills.

Who provides the services?

The program is administered by a master's level clinician. Typically, male clients are seen by a male
counselor and female clients are visited by a female counselor.

What services are offered?

Supported Housing provides assistance with a variety of daily living skills including:

  • budgeting/money-management
  • housekeeping
  • nutrition/meal planning/cooking
  • shopping skills
  • medication management
  • leisure time use
  • socialization
  • community participation
  • risk management/safety
  • mobility/transportation
  • wellness management

In addition, staff assists with assessment of housing needs, procurement of housing and household goods, home maintenance skills, landlord/tenant negotiations and other issues related to maintaining independent living.

Who Can Participate?

To qualify for WellSpan Philhaven’s Supported Housing program, the following criteria must apply. Participants must:

  • be a resident of Lebanon County
  • have a serious and persistent mental illness
  • live independently or be actively seeking an independent living arrangement
  • desire assistance and be able to benefit from instruction in daily living skills
  • be approved by Lebanon County MH/ID/EI

Frequently Asked Questions

How are costs covered?

The program is free of charge. Fees are covered by the Lebanon County Office of MH/ID/EI.

How can I make a referral?

For general information or referrals to the program, contact the intake worker at Lebanon County MH/ID/EI.  Potential clients who already have an MH/ID/IE case manager may contact MH/ID/EI directly.

Supportive Housing Locations