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For Adults Lancaster Area Psychiatric Services (LAPS)

For all care, call 24/7:

Philhaven Access Center
You can also find out about specific programs and services.

  • Location hours have changed during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Please call before coming to an office or location.

  • Telephone and video appointments are available.

  • Open Access (walk-in) services are temporarily suspended. Please call Outpatient Services in Lancaster & Lebanon Counties at (800) 459-7497 or in York & Adams Counties at (866) 840-7036.

LAPS is a psychiatric outpatient clinic which works in conjunction with Lancaster County BH/DS to provide psychiatric services for Lancaster County residents.

WellSpan Philhaven and our physicians embrace the treatment team philosophy of providing recovery-oriented outpatient psychiatric services. By working closely with psychiatric nurses and case management staff of BH/DS at the LAPS site, each client receives quality and consistent services that are readily available and focused on recovery.

Our physicians work with nurse and case management staff of BH/DS to support the various clinics including the Injectable Medication Clinic, Clozaril Clinic and the After Care Clinic.

Services are available only through referral from BH/DS case management for those consumers who are actively working with BH/DS.

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