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Day Hospital / Intensive Outpatient Adult Program Overview

 Day Hospital provides adults with a structured and comprehensive daily service that combines individual, group and activity therapies

Now Accepting New Clients

We are currently accepting new clients for the WellSpan Philhaven Day Hospital/IOP Programs. If you are interested in completing a referral, please call our Access Center at (717) 273-8871.

The Adult Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Program is a mental health treatment program specifically designed to serve individuals 18 years of age and older who have a diagnosis of a mental health illness and who are experiencing serious to severe levels of emotional distress. The day hospital program is designed to deliver a high volume of therapeutic intervention in a relatively short period of time.

Purpose and Goals

The Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Program provides persons the opportunity to participate daily in a structured and comprehensive program combining individual, group and activity therapies. Services are typically provided six hours each day, Monday through Friday. Common issues are explored with the help of clinicians who recognize specific treatment needs. Persons are helped to understand how past experiences and current behaviors can impact their life. Within groups, persons share common experiences and feelings, creating an environment, which encourages the development of relationships. Clinicians and patients also work together to develop a therapeutic relationship. These relationships are viewed as healing experiences, offering persons relational tools that are part of recovery.

The Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Program believes in individualized treatment to enhance personal functioning. Making use of psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, biological, expressive and spiritual approaches, persons are helped to work toward wholeness. Creating healing relationships, augmenting coping skills and fostering insight into behavior paves the way to a healthier life.

Population Served

The Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Program provides services to treat persons with a wide variety of disorders, including but not limited to mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, suicidality (with ability to commit to safety), and adjustment disorders.

Adult Day Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Program Offered at:

Services Offered

  • Initial Psychiatric evaluation
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psych-education regarding symptom management, coping skills development and problem solving
  • Psychopharmacological consultations
  • Treatment includes the participation of family members and other significant persons
  • Individual meetings to review treatment
  • Discharge planning, including aftercare programs