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Spiritual Care and Education For Clergy

We welcome the presence of clergy at WellSpan Philhaven and the continuity in spiritual care it affords our clients.

We welcome your presence at WellSpan Philhaven and the continuity in spiritual care it affords our clients. When you arrive, please ask the staff at the front desk to call or page Ruthann Dwyer, Director of Pastoral Services, so that she can meet you. You may leave a number if she is not available. She looks forward to sharing your questions, concerns or good stories.

WellSpan Philhaven also offers many other services to clergy to aid them in their ministry, including Pastor Consultation Groups, free consultation service on difficult counseling situations, and educational events.

We can also partner with you through our Outpatient Services in meeting the needs of the couples and families you serve, or to serve you in your own marriage care or church and ministry care.

Referring Someone

We value our relationship with primary care givers. We attempt to give you the best support possible for your clients. Our primary way to do that is through the Access Center

Pastors, clergy and religious leaders from all houses of worship face unique challenges in their ministry. Often put in the role of counselor, not all congregational leaders feel equipped to provide guidance in life’s complex situations. WellSpan Philhaven can help.

Under the direction of Chaplains Ruthann Dwyer, we offer a totally confidential, anonymous opportunity for discussion, guidance and (if you prefer) prayer. Clergy seeking direction or information regarding pastoral care or counseling situations may confer with the Director of Pastoral Services or, if needed, a clinician. 

Call our FREE Clergy Consultation Service line at 717-270-2445 (M-F 7:00am-5:00 pm). 

Clergy Consultations Services for Pastors

The support and input of peers are vital in all areas of life, but in the challenging vocation of professional ministry, pastors and leaders of houses of worship may particularly value this kind of collaboration!

WellSpan Philhaven hosts and facilitates three groups of 8-10 pastors who meet on average nine times a year for peer consultation. Participants take turns presenting pastoral care or counseling situations from their own ministry, and then receive the opportunity for peer reflection and support with the assurance of confidentiality.

WellSpan Philhaven offers this free service because we value our relationship with the faith community.

Our current groups meet in Mt. Gretna or East Petersburg. Call 717-270-2445 and speak with  Ruthann Dwyer to see about joining a Clergy Consultation Group.

For Clients

WellSpan Philhaven walks along side every client in their journey to hope, healing and wholeness. That journey is different for each person. Some clients request that the chaplains come alongside them to share their spiritual journey; some request prayer or scripture reading; others request that we simply listen; and some clients prefer limited or no interaction with the chaplains. The choice is yours, and we are happy to honor your wishes. Our goal is that you will feel accepted and respected during your time with us.

If you desire and request spiritual encouragement from our chaplains, you may engage with them in any of the wide range of activities and services, such as worship services, spiritual journey discussion groups, prayer times and one-on-one sessions. The Chaplains are very visible and are here for you, your child or family member in time of need.