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Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Team Approach to Care

CADD is committed to forming supportive relationships with individuals and families who are living with the challenges of autism or a developmental disability.

Our Professional Team and Approach

Located in Lancaster County, CADD is a regional center of excellence that serves patients and families in Central Pennsylvania. We have a multidisciplinary team from the fields of psychiatry, nursing, psychology, applied behavior analysis, social work and counseling with recognized expertise in the treatment of the social, emotional and behavioral issues affecting individuals with Autism SpectrumDisorder (ASD) and Developmental Disabilities (DD).

CADD conducts multidisciplinary evaluations for individuals concerned about autism and developmental disabilities. The evaluation consists of several appointments with a team of professionals that will gather detailed history through questionnaires, interviews and observations. The team will guide you through the evaluation process, making sure you know what to expect. At the completion of the evaluation process, you will receive a detailed report and an appropriate diagnosis and recommendations.

At WellSpan Philhaven, we believe that everyone can find hope, healing and wholeness. Our services for those with autism and developmental disabilities is provided in a positive and encouraging environment. We welcome you and your family into our services, so we can help you find answers, gain tools, receive guidance and feel supported.

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