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Mental Wellness What are Levels of Care?

Let us help you determine what level of care of is appropriate so that you or your loved one moving towards hope, healing and wholeness.

One of the critical decisions made to ensure you or your loved one receives the best treatment approach is to determine the appropriate “level of care.”

What is Level of Care?

Level of care refers to the intensity of treatment an individual will receive through WellSpan Philhaven. There are multiple levels of care individuals may experience through WellSpan Philhaven including prevention, education and assessment services, outpatient services, rehabilitative services, partial hospitalization and the - most intensive level - inpatient hospitalization.

Inpatient Services

24-hours/7-days hospital-based, locked program, for people who are in acute crisis. To access Inpatient Services, please call the Access Center at 717-273-8871 or go to your local crisis office. Lebanon County Crisis Intervention: 717-274-3363

Outpatient Services

Includes all appointment-based services in a variety of locations.