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Behavioral Health Leads at Legacy WellSpan Hospitals

Behavioral Health team leads are mental health professionals who, with the help of their teams, can provide support and resources if you are feeling challenged by the demands of caring for patients during the pandemic. Please reach out.

WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital
Brenda Startoni

WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital
Howie White

WellSpan York Hospital
Kathy Jansen and Jessica Podcasy

WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital
Emily Ruch and Tyler Loy

WellSpan Surgery & Rehab Hospital
Natalie Hetrich

WellSpan Philhaven Hospital
Ruthann Dwyer

Care of the Caregiver Program Leads at Legacy Summit Health

WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital 
WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital 

Suzanne Gervase

Behavioral Health Outpatient Lead 
Candace Rutherford

BH Leads "Care for the Caregiver"
Poster and wallet card (revised)

Download small poster 
Order materials from Intelliprint (search 6388 or Care for Caregiver)
Note: BH Hospital Leads are delivering to all WellSpan hospital staff

Going Home Checklist: Transition from Work to Home

Brought to you by the Wellspan Medical Group Wellbeing Council

Order materials from Intelliprint (search: PR-1145 or Going Home)

Download 8.5 x 11 flyer/poster

Note: BH Hospital Leads are delivering to all WellSpan hospital staff