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Please note:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only able to offer internships to students from colleges and universities with which we have an existing Affiliation Agreement. Before proceeding with your application, please check with your department advisor to confirm that an Affiliation Agreement with WellSpan is already in force.

Adult Inpatient Unit

Program: Adult Inpatient
Location: Mt. Gretna
Hours: Day (generally 8am-4pm)
Degree: MA


The Adult Unit is an inpatient program for persons with acute psychiatric illness requiring stabilization and 24-hour supervision. Patients admitted have a diversity of diagnoses and presenting problems, many with co-occurring medical and drug and alcohol issues, some voluntarily admitted and others in the hospital by the way of an involuntary court commitment. Aveage length of stay is approximately 8-9 days with some patients being discharged after a day or two and others requiring protracted stays and referrals for long-term placement.


Adults only

Program's Therapeutic Approach

The unit has an interdisciplinary team aprroach to treatment (psychiatry, nursing, activities therapy, psychotherapy, pastoral care, peer support) and a diversity of modalities for treatment (medication, individual and family therapy, groups).


Due to the complexity of the patient needs and the brief nature of the hospital stays, internships are open only to second year Master's student and only for internships, not practicums.

The Intern Will be Required to:

  • Provision of individual and family therapy, development of safety plans.
  • Ability to document as a part of the electronic medical record.
  • Coordination with the clinical teams to assist with aftercare planning

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How to Apply

Before submitting your application, please verify with your internship/practicum supervisor that the internship(s) you are applying for meet the requirements of your educational institution.

We suggest viewing the internships available online with your adviser (or print out the information) to verify: the population served meets clinical expectations the supervision provided is adequate the responsibilities of the internship will help develop your skills times and location for the internship fit your schedule.

Only after you have verified those issues should you apply for an internship.

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