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Please note:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only able to offer internships to students from colleges and universities with which we have an existing Affiliation Agreement. Before proceeding with your application, please check with your department advisor to confirm that an Affiliation Agreement with WellSpan is already in force.

Access and Triage

Program: Access/Triage
Location: Mt. Gretna
Hours: Day/Evening Combination
Degree: MA


We prefer to have students for two semesters. Typically, interns work day shift from 8:00AM - 4:00PM, however, we have the ability to be flexible with the hours based on their work schedule or class schedule. We have had interns that worked noon to 8:00PM and others that have worked 3:00PM-11:00PM.


Access interns will be working with counselors and clinicians completing intake assesments for inpatient and day hospital. Interns will complete Level of Care Exams, which is an assessment to determine what type of services a walk-in client needs for recovery. Interns will also have exposure to Crisis Intervention, shadow in the IP units, Extended Acute Unit and the PHP unit to see various levels of services Philhaven provides.

Program's Therapeutic Approach

Access and Triage are an assessment style unit. CBT and DBT types of treatment during interactions with clients may be used.


We are accepting 4+ students working on their Master's in Social Work, Counseling, Clinical Psychology or a realted field. We prefer internships that are over 100 hours. However, we are able to accept an internship with 100 hours fall semester and 600 hours spring semester.

The Intern Will be Required to:

  • Become familiar with the Electronic Medical Records System
  • Understand and learn correct documentation standards
  • Interview clients for admission to various levels of care
  • Complete assessments on clients to determine level of care needed
  • Understand and comply with HIPAA
  • Complete Philhaven orientation and complete Therapeutic Crisis Intervention class prior to starting intership (done during orientation)
  • Develop relationships with clients
  • Complete safety assessments and safety plans with clients
  • Complete suicide and homicide assessments on clients
  • Participate in group activities in different programs depending on the length of the intership

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How to Apply

Before submitting your application, please verify with your internship/practicum supervisor that the internship(s) you are applying for meet the requirements of your educational institution.

We suggest viewing the internships available online with your adviser (or print out the information) to verify: the population served meets clinical expectations the supervision provided is adequate the responsibilities of the internship will help develop your skills times and location for the internship fit your schedule.

Only after you have verified those issues should you apply for an internship.

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