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Please note:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only able to offer internships to students from colleges and universities with which we have an existing Affiliation Agreement. Before proceeding with your application, please check with your department advisor to confirm that an Affiliation Agreement with WellSpan is already in force.

Lancaster Child and Adolescent Day Hospital Program

Program: Child and Adolescent Day Hospital
Location: Lancaster
Hours: Day (generally 8am-4pm)
Degree: BA/MA


This program focuses on restoring, reinforcing and facilitating adaptive growth and development in the patient, as well as, in their families. This is achieved through a structured day program which offers a wide range of theapeutic activites. The treatment components offer oportunities to patients and their families to work toward individualized pysch educational, social and emotional goals. Therapeutic experiences target self-expression, self-awareness, self-control and esteem, building impulse control and self-control, stress management, problem solving and social rehabilitation. The overall goal of the program is to facilitate stabilzation of acute behavioral and emotional disturbance for patients.


The Child and Adolescent Day Hospital provides outpatient, nonresidential, intensive services 5 days per week to child aged clients; latency aged clients and adolescents (Kindergarten to 12th grade).

Program's Therapeutic Approach

Programming for each group is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of that age group most appropriate to his or her developmental needs. The intensive treatment components offer therapy, structure and support while the multidisciplinary team creates and sustains a therapeutic environment that promotes social rehabilitation, emotional growth and adaptive coping strategies and skills.


Primarily Bachelor level internship of 100 hours or more. 2 Master's leverl internships if an LSW is an appropriate level of supervision for the intern.

The Intern Will be Required to:

  • Become familiar with treatment plans and goals for clients
  • Understand and learn correct documentation standards
  • Understand and comply with HIPAA and safety issues for clients
  • Develop relationships with clients
  • Assist staff in preparing each type of group and helping to present materials
  • Eventually be primary in planning and executing as assigned group for the clients with the assistance of the staff
  • Complete intakes and clinical assessments of clients and their families
  • Become familiar with aftercare agencies to successfully discharge clients and their families

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How to Apply

Before submitting your application, please verify with your internship/practicum supervisor that the internship(s) you are applying for meet the requirements of your educational institution.

We suggest viewing the internships available online with your adviser (or print out the information) to verify: the population served meets clinical expectations the supervision provided is adequate the responsibilities of the internship will help develop your skills times and location for the internship fit your schedule.

Only after you have verified those issues should you apply for an internship.

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