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Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology AAPI and Cover Letter Requirements

Please carefully consider the specifics provided below to create the most appropriate materials for your application to this program.

Thank you for your interest in the WellSpan Philhaven Hospital Doctoral Internship in Psychology program. We are interested in learning more about you and appreciate the time and thought you have put into your internship application process. We want to let you know what information we are looking for in the AAPI cover letter so you can adequately address the specific information needs of our training site. If you follow the instructions below, you will supply us with the most useful information.

  1. Thank you for specifying in the AAPI whether you are applying to the program's General Track or our Child/Adolescent Specialty Track. This request applies only to those who wish to apply to both tracks. If you are applying to both tracks, in your cover letter, please include an explanation of how either the General or the Child/Adolescent track could meet your training needs.
  2. Please explain on about one page of the cover letter how you integrate religion/spirituality and psychology in clinical practice. Please provide a heading for this section so it can be easily located.
  3. Please include other information you wish to share with our site in the cover letter that further describes your interest in WellSpan Philhaven’s program.

Thank you again for helping shape your cover letter to address the specific needs of our program.

Melanie Baer, PsyD
WellSpan Philhaven Hospital Doctoral Psychology Internship Program