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Education Parent Training Program

Help for parents and caregivers managing difficult child and adolescent behaviors

Finding a Better Way for Parents and Caregivers


This free online training is open to parents or caregivers struggling with challenging child and adolescent behaviors. These sessions will increase your knowledge, skills and effectiveness in managing difficult behaviors, to help create healthy relationships and deal with stressful behaviors in a positive way. 

The training consists of three 2-hour online weekly sessions led by a specially trained instructor certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), a well-respected and effective technique focused on behavior de-escalation and management techniques. 

Each week, new concepts and skills will be introduced. 

Parents and Caregivers will learn to:

  • Identify child/adolescent stress levels.
  • Manage personal reactions to challenging behaviors.
  • Communicate with the child/adolescent during times of crisis.
  • Apply techniques that promote safety, provide support and assist in de-escalation.
  • Reconnect following a behavioral episode.


  • Dec. 6, 2022
  • Dec. 15, 2022
  • Dec. 20, 2022

    All sessions run 5:30-7:30. 
    Please join online 10-15 minutes before start time.


Brent Swope, BA
Behavior Response Training Coordinator
Certified TCI Trainer
(717) 273-8871, ext. 2277

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