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Education Parent Training Program

Finding A Better Way for Moms and Dads is a three-session program for parents who are dealing with difficult situations with their children.

Finding A Better Way for Moms and Dads

At one time or another, all parents deal with the challenging behaviors of their children. Now, you can discover and build new skills to address these challenging situations.

Finding a Better Way for Moms and Dads is an 8-hour program that offers effective intervention tools to parents and caregivers who are dealing with difficult situations with their children. Parents who attend classes realize - often for the first time - that they are not alone.

The program facilitators are all certified instructors in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Trainers utilize a variety of materials and interactive training methods to enhance learning. Parents are able to practice new techniques, share stories and connect with other moms and dads in similar situations.

This training program typically takes place in a series of 2-hour sessions, one evening per week for three weeks. Virtual sessions are now being planned.

Course Topics and Take-Aways

You will discover new skills throughout the training:

  • Identify the phases of stress your child is experiencing during a behavioral event
  • Gain self-awareness and maintain self-control when responding to challenging behaviors
  • Gain understanding into your child’s feelings and needs   
  • Open up the pathway to effective communication between you and your child
  • Identify triggers and early warning signs of challenging behaviors
  • Learn a variety of behavior support strategies to prevent, manage and de-escalate challenging behaviors and crisis situations
  • Avoid conflict cycles and promote cooperative behaviors
  • Restore your relationship with your child following a crisis and transform a difficult situation into a learning experience

This program is provided at no cost as a community benefit of WellSpan Philhaven and through the support of generous donors.

Calendar of Trainings

Check back for September dates.