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Gift Planning - Original Gift Planning Introduction

There are several ways you can plan during your lifetime to give the right assets to WellSpan Philhaven, your church or other nonprofits and your children.

Gift Planning: Avenues to Achieve your Purposes

There are many ways to be a good steward! You may want to learn more about Gifts of LifeGifts that Pay You Income, and Gifts that Protect Assets.

The following might be helpful as you think about what you want to achieve with your charitable gifts.

Donate to Philhaven

without any cost to you now

Approach to ConsiderInclude Philhaven in your will (a portion of your estate, a specific property, etc.)

ResultPhilhaven will use these funds to build an endowment, helping to build sustainability for our mission for generations to come.

Avoid Capital Gains

and have an immediate income tax deduction

Approach to ConsiderUse any appreciated assets (including securities) to make a gift

ResultWhat a concept – buy low and donate it when the price is high. Hate to give us a good stock? Consider using your cash to buy more of the stock you are donating.

Leave More of Your Estate to Family

Approach to ConsiderName Philhaven as direct beneficiary of your retirement funds rather than designating them to your estate where they are heavily taxed. Leave less-taxed assets for family.

ResultAvoid income tax on retirement assets that are funded with pre-tax monies. Other property (such as a home) can be more beneficial to family.

Leave More of Your Assets to Family

by reducing gift and estate taxes.

Approach to ConsiderEstablish a charitable lead trust that pays income to Philhaven for a period of time and then distribute the remainder of the trust to family.

ResultReduce the amount of gift and estate taxes, freeze the taxable basis of assets that will grow before they are distributed to family.

Receive Income from a Gift Given to Philhaven

Approach to ConsiderCreate a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder unitrust.

ResultReceive a guaranteed income for the rest of your life, take a charitable deduction, and benefit Philhaven.

Decrease Your Tax Liability Now

and get additional income later

Approach to ConsiderCreate a deferred gift annuity.

ResultReceive a higher current tax deduction and increase the rate of income by delaying payment for some years.

Make a Long-Term Gift

that will not be part of your estate settlement

Approach to ConsiderDonate a paid-up life insurance policy or take out a new policy with Philhaven as beneficiary.

ResultMake a larger gift to Philhaven then you might otherwise be able to.