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Gift Planning - Original Gifts That Protect Assets

Legacy planning ensures that you've been intentional about how you wish to give and how your family can honor WellSpan Philhaven for years to come.

Give to WellSpan Philhaven

As you plan for the future, you are likely thinking of many variables such as your own health, your family’s well-being, and the unknowns of economic changes. We invite you to consider some of the following giving vehicles that can offer protection for your valued assets.

Bargain Sale

A charitable bargain sale is a sale of your residence or other property to WellSpan Philhaven at a price less than its fair market value. The difference between the fair market value and the sales price constitutes a charitable gift. Therefore the donor/seller is able to receive some cash and use the balance as a charitable gift.

Retained Life Estate

A retained life estate allows you to donate your personal residence (primary or vacation) to WellSpan Philhaven while continuing to live there. You can also rent the property and receive the rental income. It can also be rented. This gift allows you to save on estate taxes while supporting WellSpan Philhaven.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust is an estate planning tool that allows you to transfer the income from an asset to charity while having the asset itself revert to your family after a period of years. This can be an excellent planning tool for those individuals and couples that are most concerned about the effects of estate taxes upon their heirs.

The information shared on the Ways to Give portion of this website is not offered as legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or financial professional.