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About Us Mission, Vision & Values

WellSpan Philhaven's continuum of compassionate, caring services for individuals facing behavioral health issues is anchored by a commitment to service excellence.


As an expression of Christ’s love, Philhaven promotes hope, healing and wholeness through the provision of behavioral healthcare resources.


Finding a better way to nurture mental health and resilience.


Wholeness - We embrace the whole person and promote living in harmony with self, others and God.

Excellence - We seek to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Compassion - We identify with the healing and ministry of Jesus and strive to meet each person in a caring manner.

Accountability - We utilize resources carefully and creatively to provide quality services of high value.

Respect - We treat all persons and each other with the dignity and worth that everyone deserves.

Ethics - We commit to doing what is right and to being trustworthy in all relationships.


Our approach toward clients, coworkers, and visitors ultimately determine the levels of success experienced by the adults, children and families who entrust us with their well-being.

When we CONNECT, we communicate effectively, take ownership of our situation, never limit our services with our words, network appropriately, maintain our ethics and integrity, are compassionate toward others, and facilitate teamwork among our eleven hundred staff members.


As a WellSpan Philhaven staff member, we engage others by making eye contact, smiling and extending a warm greeting. Our desire is to communicate effectively, appropriately and consistently to clients, coworkers and guests. We consider what we say, how we say it and who is present when we speak.


We take ownership of our environments and our appearances, whether it's facility-related or our personal attire. Problem solvers address needs. Rather than finding fault, we offer assistance.


Our words are powerful, and therefore, chosen wisely. Administration is not set apart from frontline staff with "we" and "they" references. The words we use indicate our willingness to support, assist and provide direction. Rather than "that's not my responsibility" or "I don't know," we say, "Let me see what I can find out for you."


WellSpan Philhaven is a network of healthcare professionals, and we warmly transition clients across different levels of care. Demonstrating unity, collaboration and coordination to our clients is essential. We go beyond our defined roles to add value and serve one another within and outside our programs and departments.


At WellSpan Philhaven, integrity is doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason, even when nobody is watching. We are honest and transparent in all actions, consistently displaying a professional and positive attitude. We comply with all policies, every time, and complete mandatory education and training requirements.


We are compassionate, sensing and responding to people's needs before they ask. We are hospitable to all clients, family members and visitors; they are our guests. We're also compassionate, courteous and respectful of other staff members.


Teamwork among staff members fosters professional development within the organization. We facilitate effective meetings, coach coworkers and learn from colleagues. By being adaptable, flexible and supportive, we're supporting coworkers and strengthening our organization.

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