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Although we will attempt to keep information in the WellSpan Philhaven Web accurate, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.

All parties submitting materials to the WellSpan Philhaven Web represent and warrant that the submission, installation, copying, distribution and use of such materials in connection with the WellSpan Philhaven Web will not violate any other party's proprietary rights. The user understands and agrees that WellSpan Philhaven is not responsible for any errors created in or damage to materials as a result of the installation or maintenance on WellSpan Philhaven Web servers, or their use by anyone accessing WellSpan Philhaven Web servers. All use of the WellSpan Philhaven Web must be in accordance with existing Hospital regulations for computer use. All major sections within the WellSpan Philhaven Web must have a link to this disclaimer page along with the electronic mail address of the person(s) responsible for maintaining that particular section.