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Philhaven staff provide mental health services for individuals and families to improve their quality of life and give them the care they need at a difficult time.

At Philhaven, we pride ourselves on having a staff of qualified individuals who all share the desire and commitment to work hard to improve the quality of life for individuals and families dealing with mental health issues. Each staffer seeks moment-by-moment to provide this service in an atmosphere of care and respect by which individuals are encouraged to develop mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We are always recruiting new staff with a variety of training, skills and talents who want to accomplish this goal with us!

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The Diverse Philhaven Staff

The Diverse Philhaven Staff

Why I Like Working at Philhaven

Why I Like Working at Philhaven

Corporate Culture

Philhaven's mission doesn't just hang on the wall it lives here. If you join this organization as a staff member or volunteer, you will find yourself called on to render compassionate care to those in great need of our services. You and your co-workers will focus, not just on a mental health diagnosis, but on the whole person who is experiencing this difficulty. We strive to bring hope, healing, and wholeness to each client, their family, and to our entire community.

No person works in isolation. At Philhaven, our team members support each other in all efforts and push each other to continuously learn. We try new approaches and find new solutions... a better way.

Because of the vast number of employees throughout our primary four-county service area of Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, and York counties, our use of the latest electronic media and technological applications are crucial in keeping us linked. Each employee is provided an email account for business use, and external access to the Philhaven intranet and a variety of applications. Though highlighted by media communications, all employees have the benefit of individual face-to-face time with supervisors, plus regular team meetings. Our non-union environment provides each voice to be heard directly and unencumbered.

The friendly and supportive environment here is evident. You only need to spend a few minutes in our main facility or any satellite location to realize that Philhaven provides an extraordinarily attractive and enticing place to work.